Coffee Grinders

[menu name=”Accessories”]Coyote Coffee Equipment carries a wide variety of grinders including Promac and Nuova Simonelli among others for service and sales. Following is some information about them. Contact us for more information about these coffee grinders and other options.

Promac coffee grinders have a range of burr diameters from 50 to 75.  Of the five grinder options, four are flat grinding burrs and one is a conic grinding burr.

  • Compact semiautomatic grinder: CLUB
  • Automatic grinder: 64 AT
  • Semiautomatic grinder: 64 ST
  • Automatic grinder: 75 AT
  • Conic automatic grinder: 74 AT
PROMAC COMPACT SEMIAUTOMATIC COFFEE GRINDER: CLUBPROMAC CLUB: COMPACT SEMI-AUTOMATIC COFFEE GRINDER with flat grinding burrs 50 mm in diameter. This black and stainless steel machine is most suitable for one group machines. PROMAC AUTOMATIC OR SEMIAUTOMATIC COFFEE GRINDER:  64 AT OR 64 STPROMAC 64 AT: AUTOMATIC OR SEMIAUTOMATIC COFFEE GRINDER with flat grinding burrs 64 mm in diameter. These black and stainless steel machines have an automatic or manual on/off function. PROMAC AUTOMATIC COFFEE GRINDER: 75 AT PROMAC 75 AT 75 AT: AUTOMATIC COFFEE GRINDER with flat grinding burrs 75 mm in diameter. This black and stainless steel machine has an automatic on/off function. PROMAC CONIC AUTOMATIC COFFEE GRINDER: 74 AT PROMAC CONIC AUTOMATIC GRINDER with conic grinding burrs 68 mm in diameter. This stainless steel gray-metallized machine has an automatic on/off function.
Nuova Simonelli Grinta Coffee GrinderNuova Simonelli Grinta: Simple to use, easy to adjust and consistent enough for espresso: The Nuova Simonelli Grinta hits on all three of these key aspects when it comes to grinding coffee beans. The Grinta is built to last with its extremely durable construction and can easily grind more than 10 pounds of coffee an hour. Prefer drip coffee instead of espresso? Unlock the setting wheel and rotate it to adjust between espresso and drip. Push your portafilter into the lever behind the grind chute, and watch as it fills. What’s more, the Grinta comes in a spectrum of colors (red, black, chrome and silver) so you can pick the perfect shade to suit your kitchen or cafe decor. Nuova Simonelli MCF Coffee GrinderNuova Simonelli MCF Coffee Grinder: Similar to Nuova Simonelli’s MCI, the MCF Coffee Grinder has an added dosing system to handle higher capacity environments (think offices, cafes, parties). MCF’s professional quality and consistency add to the prosumer aspects of this grinder, and with a stepless adjustment and much quieter motor, you’ve got everything you could ever need in an espresso grinder. Fine tune your grind texture with the simple spin of the Nuova Simonelli MCF’s adjustment dial. You’ll also find that the MCF is extremely easy to use — just push your portafilter into the switch and watch as the perfect grind falls gently into your basket. 3